Cherry Vanilla is living proof that micro-dosing LSD has cured her Dermatillomania.

Cherry has suffered from this devastating form of OCD called Dermatillomania since age six, where one picks at any possible abnormality on their skin, keeping the wounds open and bleeding for months, sometimes years at a time. Like the multitudes of people (especially women, it seems) who are diagnosed with this mental disorder and the destructive physical actions it results in, she has tried every possible treatment and cure for the malady, including cognitive therapy, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, Prozac, meditation, yoga and the like. But it wasn't until Cherry's latest and by far worst bout of uncontrollable picking two years ago at age seventy-two, that Cherry, in utter desperation, turned to the treatment that finally worked for her, micro-dosing LSD.

Discovering Dr. James Fadiman

When Cherry discovered a video on YouTube, where Dr. James Fadiman extolled the possible benefits of micro-dosing LSD for mental illness, depression, OCD, etc., she conjured up the courage to send him an e-mail, confessing the embarrassing, sick, secret ritual that had obsessed her on and off throughout her whole life. To her great surprise, Dr. Fadiman replied to her e-mail almost immediately, advising her to get his book, The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide, where she could learn about micro-dosing. Cherry and Dr. Fadiman have been in constant touch by e-mail ever since, both she and he delighted, of course, with the results of Cherry's two-year journey with the treatment.

Nothing to fear

Because one takes such a small amount of LSD with micro-dosing -- about ten micrograms, as opposed to the current full dose of about one-hundred to one-hundred-fifty micrograms, or the four-hundred to four-hundred-fifty microgram one took back in the nineteen-sixties, there is nothing to fear with micro-dosing. One does not "trip." There are no hallucinations, no aural or visual distortions, no bouts of uncontrolled laughing, crying, etc. One can go about the normal business of the day -- work, drive, eat, sleep, read, write, be as disciplined and creative as usual.

Illegal drug

Since LSD is an illegal drug, it's important to find a dependable source, keep the treatment private and not talk about it until one's full supply has been consumed. But then, if one has the success Cherry has had with it, one should tell the world. There are so many who are suffering in secret and in painful, shameful silence, getting the word out on what for Cherry, at least, has so far proven to be a "cure" is vital.

No more long sleeves, long pants in the one-hundred-plus-degree heat of the California desert

Cherry has come out of the closet about her Dermatillomania in hopes that her story might help others. She wants other sufferers of this dreaded disease to experience the freedom she has finally found from the destructive picking, but also from the comfort she's experiencing of being able to expose her arms, legs, back, etc. to the fresh air and sunshine of the California desert where she lives, to stop hiding and sweating under totally inappropriate clothing for the climate. Through micro-dosing LSD, Cherry has finally and hopefully forever gotten this OCD monkey off of her back. Her ultimate wish is to help fellow Dermatillomania sufferers do the same.